How Can You Help

You can complete the online questionnaire

By completing this online questionnaire you will be adding to the research in this project and helping to steer it in new directions. It should take between 6-10 minutes to complete.

It may seem that way. However, each question is addressing different aspects of the 3 core areas. Once you've completed the questionnaire, if you come back to this page afterwards and scroll down to the section at the bottom, there's a link to enable you to view the current results from all the questionnaire responses received in this citizen science project so far.

Print out the questionnaire & conduct a street survey

One step further than completing the online questionnaire yourself, is to engage with local communities all around the world and conducting street surveys or administering the questionnaire within community groups. This opens up the project to the whole world & allows us to collect an even greater data sample.

When conducting questionnaires in public, you must always remember that the survey itself is voluntary so you can't force people to take the questionnaire. This citizen science project must comply at all times with these ethical guidelines. It's also important therefore that the questionnaire respondents are kept anonymous. You'll note, there's nowhere on the question form to enter a name. This is on purpose and must be kept this way to comply with data protection. Start slow and open them up with a warm conversational style. Explain the purpose of the survey & what happens to the results.

Engage your local community in this project

Just by engaging your local community with this citizen science initiative, you are helping to increase awareness of this research. This is absolutely vital for all citizen science projects. The more people who become aware, the more can become directly involved.

If you're a teacher or working in education, you could find ways to integrate this project with the national syllabus, working it directly into lesson plans. You could even set a project or homework based around this citizen science project, enriching enquiring minds with real-world scientific research, project management and statistical analysis. This can be especially valuable in science, maths & geography or as part of a lunchtime or after-school STEM club.

View the current results from all the questionnaire responses

If you want to stay up-to-date with the results from this citizen science project, you can visit this site at any time and click the button below which will take you to the results. All results are 'live' and updated automatically after each questionnaire response.