Recommended Prevention & Intervention Strategies


As part of the original study, Monty made recommendations for various Prevention and Intervention Strategies that can be rolled out in both the home and academic settings as well as some ideas for the health & social care services. A summary list of those recommendations are below:

  • Placing the charging station away from the bed
  • Clinician/Paediatrician/GP intervention
  • School intervention
  • Listen to a podcast instead of watching video on a mobile device
  • Use an internet blocker
  • Use an auditing app
  • Put your bedtime technology out of reach
  • Use night mode, screen filters or blue light blocking glasses
  • Creation of ‘Tech-Free Zones’ in the home
  • Minimising exposure to bright or blue light within one hour of bedtime
  • Removal of light sources from the bedroom
  • Installation of blackout blinds in the bedroom to block out light
  • Read from paper hard copy and not from a screen
  • Switch off all notifications
  • Exposure to bright light each morning
  • Avoid daytime napping
  • Development of an eye drop solution to counter the harmful effects of the blue light
  • Keep a sleep journal
  • Forming a habit/ritual around sleep times
  • Chronotherapy
  • Understanding of boundaries in the home with a reward/incentive mechanism